About us

Absinthe Lighting is the brand that offers you energy efficient architectural and design lighting at fair prices...

Unlike other design lighting brands, we do not charge you with exceptionally high prices. We like to keep things simple. We consciously chose not to print out expensive catalogues or to build ultra chic showrooms. Consequently our prices are significantly lower. Nevertheless, we spend much effort on our designs and on choosing the right materials. We choose to bring you lighting fixtures using exclusively the best lighting sources on the market. For our LED lighting fixtures we mainly use the ultrafine CREE and Bridgelux Highpower LED light sources. Quality is guaranteed at Absinthe.

Our design lighting will enrich your spirit, just like the green drink absinthe does too. Absinthe, also called “The Green Fairy”, is what famous painters like Vincent van Gogh en Édouard Manet used to spice up their inspiration. They too were obsessed with lighting. Impressionistic painters want to capture a short perceived moment of time on their painting. Lighting plays a crucial role in perception, hence the name Absinthe Lighting… “Mind blowing lighting”

Absinthe is characterized by its green color, and green is something we like to be at Absinthe Lighting too. Most of our design lamps make use of LED as lighting source, by which they save you a lot of energy and consequently money. Be amazed by the green power of Absinthe LED lighting. Its benefits will undoubtedly become clear after going over the electricity bill.

If you are currently building a house or redecorating your interior, you should definitely take a look at the Absinthe Lighting products. Find your ideal lamps amongst one of the numerous categories or gather inspiration by going through our project photos. According to us, stylish architectural & design lighting should be available for everyone!


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