Absinthe Architectural Lighting

Lighting is crucial for generating the right atmosphere in an interior. Lighting can make but also break the atmosphere. But with some well placed Absinthe Lighting fixtures you can hardly go wrong. The Absinthe Lighting brand offers architectural lighting of high quality at low prices. Next to low prices Absinthe offers several other benefits:

  • The majority of our product range is always available in stock.
  • The large stock enables fast and efficient deliveries, executed by UPS.
  • All lighting fixtures come with a 2 year warranty (this does not apply for light bulbs).
  • We offer lighting fixtures of high quality with unique stylish designs.
  • Most of our fixtures are extremely energy efficient. Read more about the green power of Absinthe below...

The Green power of Absinthe LED Lights

One of the core values at Absinthe is energy friendliness. This is why most of our lighting fixtures make use of LED light sources. LED lighting is the number one light source for energy-efficient lighting. Besides being energy-efficient, our LED lighting has some other advantages in stock:

  • The Absinthe LED lights are durable. They last significantly longer than the ordinary incandescent lamp (up to 50 000 operating hours).
  • The Absinthe LED Lights do not emit an infrared or ultraviolet radiation. In this way the colors of exposed materials will not fade.
  • In addition LED Lighting is shockproof and able to resist cold and vibrations. Thus placing LED in your garden is perfect.
  • Finally, LED lights do not need to warm up. They immediately turn to maximum illumination intensity after switching on.
  • Our LED lighting fixtures only use the very best LED light sources on the market. We mainly use the Bridgelux and CREE high power LEDs.

You might have heard that LED lights is quite expensive in purchase… But at Absinthe, we offer you superior architectural LED lighting at sharp prices. Moreover, the use of LED lights also makes you save money afterwards. Both the environment and your wallet will be delighted by Absinthe!

Order lighting at Absinthe online

If you are planning to buy lighting from Absinthe, you are making the right decision. We have tried to organize our range of lighting as logically as possible, making you able to navigate easily and efficiently towards your desired products. Start by selecting Indoor LED Lighting, Outdoor LED Lighting, Indoor Lighting, Outdoor Lighting or Accessories. Subsequently select your sought type of lighting fixture. We hope you find the products you are looking for. Let your mind be blown!