Led bulbs

Absinthe Led bulbs

We all know the traditional pear shaped incandescent lamps. Today it’s time to forget these, the production and sale of the incandescent is gradually becoming constrained. This is actually more than justified since the incandescent lamp is the most inefficient type of light source on the market. Apart from its price, the incandescent lamp has few advantages left. The technology is slowly becoming surpassed. Since a few years now, there are LED light bulbs of which the technology has not been standing still during these past years. LED bulbs are slowly but surely becoming the most superior light sources. All flaws are as good as eliminated. However, inferior LED bulbs still exist. At Absinthe you can be sure to find LED bulbs that are not among these inferior ones. We can honestly say that our LED bulbs are among the finest on the market. They all carry the latest developments in the field of LED.

Replacing halogen by LED spots

Nevertheless a lot of people’s preference still goes to halogen when searching for lighting spots. This however is not the best option. Our LED spots are able to match all performance aspects of the old halogen spots in terms of light output. As an additional not unimportant advantage, they are a whole lot more efficient. Their powerrating (Watt) can therefore be misleading. A 5W LED bulb seems rather small in terms of lightoutput… But keep in mind that the LED bulbs emit a high amount of lumen (measure of lightoutput) per Watt/amount of energy consumption. It is therefore impossible to compare the light output of LED bulbs with that of halogen lamps purely based on the wattage. For clarification: A halogen lamp of 50W is similar in terms of light output with that of a 6W LED bulb.

Last up to 10 times longer

LED bulbs do not only cope efficiently with electricity, in addition their lifespan is up to ten times longer than that of halogen lamps. This compensates their higher acquisition cost. Another bonus of light bulbs in relation to halogen lamps is the fact that they are available in multiple light colors. Halogen lamps are only available with a warm white light color, LED on the other side exists in warm, neutral and cold white, or even red, orange, green,… (thanks to the RGB LED’s).
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For the environment and your financial state

Take the step and throw out all light and heat emitting energy gluttons. Replace them by the Absinthe LED bulbs. Opt for LED spots with a similar light output (measured in Candela with spots) and feel the difference in your moneybag.