Led strips

Absinthe LED strips

LED strips are perhaps not the most obvious type of lighting. Nevertheless they are definitely worth considering. They provide pleasant rays of light which can beautifully accent the shapes of your interior. Examples of places where you could install LED strips are above a desk, above the kitchen counter, in dressings, at the backside of a bed, under the steps or the railing of the stairs and so on. The possibilities are nearly unlimited, LED strips can be a stylish addition to the rest of the lighting. At Absinthe you can find high quality LED chips which will supply your home with the necessary atmosphere.

9,6 Watt or 14,4 Watt LED strips

In first place LED strips are meant to give indirect atmospheric lighting. Yet they can provide a considerable amount of light provided that the distance from the surface to be illuminated is not too big of course. The Absinthe LED strips come in two different power ratings namely 9,6W per meter and 14,4W per meter. The 9,6W versions are equipped with 120 LED lights per meter. The 14,4W versions are equipped with 60 LED lights per meter. Both versions are available with both cool as warm white light color. In addition the 14,4W/m LED strips are available with RGB LED’s which enable you to form almost any color of the rainbow.

Equipped with the best SMD LEDs

The Absinthe LED strips are equipped with the very best SMD LED light sources (Surface Mounted Device). SMD-LEDs are tiny LED lights with a wide lighting angle that operate on a low current.

Installing is easy and flexible

The application possibilities are extensive, thanks to the fact that they are easy to install. The Absinthe LED strips can be shortened and extended making them flexible to work with during installation. On the bottom the LED strips are equipped with a 3M tape. Subsequently you can quickly be taped onto any surface. Although the installation is very simple, the result will look professional and classy. The LED strips themselves cannot be visible, LED strips are a form of indirect lighting.

Protected with silicon covering layer

The Absinthe LED strips are rock solid and won’t break down easily. They carry an IP-value of at least 65. To be exact, the 14,4W LED strips carry an IP67, the 9,6W LED strips carry an IP65. This enables them to be placed outside as well. They are perfectly capable of handling humidity and rain. The strips are moreover protected with a silicon coating to cover the light sources against dust and humidity.

Applying atmospheric accenting light rays is a piece of cake with the Absinthe LED strips! Our LED strips can be ordered in pieces of 5m.