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Beat wall up&down black r7s (78mm) 80W 230v dim:150x50x80mm

SKU: 11122-02


Absinthe Indoor Wall Lights

A well chosen indoor wall light can really add style to your interior. Turn your interior into a real masterpiece thanks to the indoor wall lights from Absinthe. Wall lights are lighting fixtures that are meant to be placed against a wall. There is a lot of choice in the appearance of the wall lighting fixtures. Find your ideal ones on the Absinthe website.

Indoor wall lights as accent lighting

Wall lights are usually used as accent and additional lighting instead of basic lighting because they mostly have a rather restricted optics angle. Plus, they are placed against the wall preventing them from providing enough lighting to the center of the room. For these applications, downlights, ceiling and pendant lights are more suitable. If you do want to use wall lights indoor for basic lighting purposes, you need to place a lot of lighting fixtures or lighting fixtures with high lighting intensity. But most of the time wall lights are used to provide additional lighting for specific purposes (reading, writing, cooking, etc.).

Recessed or surface mounted

Two types of indoor lights have to be distinguished. Wall lights that are placed into a wall are wall recessed lights, they require a mounting hole. The second type are the wall lights that have to be placed on the surface like the Absinthe Bloc, whereby you can buy additional diffusors to adapt the light beam(s) to your wishes. Do you want a narrow light beam or two narrow light beams or do you want the light to shine only upwards? Everything is possible. Moreover, you do not need to be a professional to mount these reflectors. These surface mounted indoor wall lights also exist in orientable versions. The orientable wall lights are mostly meant to give direct lighting, they can be aimed at your will. The Absinthe Facet is a good example of this versatility.

Buy indoor wall lighting

In your search to indoor wall lights you have got several filters at your disposal to make it easy and fast to navigate to your relevant wall lights. The available filters are the type of fitting, IP value, color, etc. If you still experience difficulties when choosing your wall lights or if you have further questions about a certain lighting fixture… Please do not hesitate to contact us.