Underground Lights

Hope round/round

Hope round/round

Hope gound spot round/round stainless steel gx53 9W 230V - ip 67 - Incl. Recessed box

SKU: 13100-06-46

Hope square/round

Hope square/round

Hope gound spot square/round stainless steel gx53 9W 230V – ip 67 – Incl. resecced box

SKU: 13101-06-46


Absinthe Outdoor Underground Lights

Underground lights can be described as modern, discrete but still remarkable and stylish. This type of fixtures is built into the ground surface and consequently requires a mounting hole. With the Absinthe underground lights you can put your pathways, driveways, flowerbeds and stairs a little more in the spotlights. The Absinthe underground lights are reliable and solid, they are made of rock solid stainless steel by which they are excellently resistant to the outdoor weather conditions.

Protected against humidity and dust

The Absinthe outdoor underground lights carry an IP67 or higher by which they cannot be affected by fluids and dust. To protect the fixture, the lamp is surrounded by a cylindrical shell at the bottom. This mainly determines the necessary size of the mounting hole. The necessary size of the mounting holes can be found on the product-detail-page right below the product picture.

1) Absinthe Hope Underground lights

The Absinthe Hope is our first collection underground lights. These are underground lights that require a round mounting hole. The Hope underground lights are available with round or square cover plate. Thanks to the usage of gx53 9W energy saving lamps, they are extremely economical (light bulbs are not inclusive). The Absinthe Hope underground lights is our first but certainly not our last collection of underground lights. Keep in touch with the Absinthe website and be the first one to know all novelties.

Accents and safety

Underground lights are mostly used as accent and orientation lighting. Applying underground lights to the edges of your pathways serves a double purpose, you provide safety as well as lovely accents around your house.

Order rock solid architectural outdoor underground lights at Absinthe. Buying online at Absinthe is safe and quick. Thanks to our high stock level we are able to deliver your products at your home very quickly. As good as the entire range is always on stock at Absinthe which enables the products to leave almost immediately after the order has been made. Discover our range of underground lights and order today!