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Indoor LED Lighting
  • Ceiling Lights

    Flexible stylish ceiling lights with unique designs. Ideal for general lighting purposes in your living room, kitchen, bedroom,… No limitations!

  • Downlights

    Shop for downlights online. Lighting fixtures built into the ceiling. Blend in perfectly. 2 years warranty. Best quality LED-chips with high cooling ribs.

  • Underground Lights

    Child friendly LED underground lights with little heat emission. Safe to walk over, even barefooted!

  • Wall Lights

    The finest built in or surface mounted wall lights with the best LED light sources on the market. Refuse to consume a lot of energy, refuse to break down!

Indoor LED Lighting

Absinthe Indoor LED Lighting

The indoor LED lighting from Absinthe is suitable for numerous purposes. Absinthe offers indoor LED lighting for your living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc. Next to these our indoor LED lighting is also suitable for commercial places like stores or offices. They all share one element which is energy-efficiency. Save electricity and money by installing Absinthe indoor LED lighting.

Since LED consumes very little energy, LEDs are ideal in places where you need the light to burn for a long period of time. They barely consume electricity. These places could be hallways and stairways during the night. It’s better to leave the light on at night instead of turning the light on and off with every passage. Besides, LED is available with different light colors (warm white, cold white, neutral white). Other types of light sources like incandescent or halogen lamps are only available with a warm white light color. Energy saving lamps do have different light colors but then again their emitted light is less targeted, it is more diffuse or scattered.

Narrow down you lighting search

On the Absinthe website indoor LED lighting is divided further into more specific and logical categories. The Absinthe indoor LED lighting range offers LED wall lights, LED ceiling lights, LED underground lights and LED downlights. Click on the desired category above to narrow down your search. Our lighting is available at sharp prices, nevertheless a lot of time and effort is spent in selecting the right materials and light sources keeping your comfort on the first place.  We only use superior LED light sources to guarantee quality and durability. To be exact we mainly use LEDs from CREE® and Bridgelux.

Splendid illumination

The Absinthe indoor LED lighting range contains a lot of recessed wall and ceiling lights. These are built-in into the wall or ceiling which prevents them from standing out of the wall/ceiling too much, but providing you with splendid lighting effects.