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Ceiling Lights - Recessed

  1. Foci 4x5W

    Foci 4x5W

    Foci ceiling lamp black led 4x5W 230V - incl 350mA power supply

    SKU: 12022-02-WW

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Absinthe Indoor LED Ceiling Lights

Sustainable and energy friendly indoor LED ceiling lights is what you will find at Absinthe. Ceiling lights are lamps which are obviously placed onto the ceiling distributing their light mostly downwards and laterally. The Absinthe indoor LED ceiling lights will be the finishing touch to your ceiling.

Indoor LED ceiling lights, blending in into your interior

In contrast to downlights, ceiling lights are lights which are placed on top of the ceiling. They aren’t built in into the ceiling so they do not require a large mounting hole. The indoor LED ceiling lights are appropriate when there is not enough space to built in recessed lights or when you just want lighting which is more a visual part of the interior. Despite the fact that they aren’t built in into the ceiling, they won’t tear up your interior. Our indoor LED ceiling lights will blend in with the rest of the interior.

Check connection points first

It is recommended to check the existing connection points in your ceiling first before choosing your indoor LED ceiling lights. Is it possible to place the chosen ceiling lighting fixture on the current connection points? Therefore check out the mounting requirements first or consult our lighting experts if you doubt.

Reliable indoor LED ceiling lights

The materials of the indoor LED ceiling lights are chosen with much care and attention. At Absinthe you will only find reliable products in with unique designs that bring you comfort. Hopefully the LED ceiling lights will enrich your mind and spirit, since this is the Absinthe baseline.