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  • Ceiling Lights

    Absinthe ceiling surface mounted lights stand out and blend in at the same time. Quickly and safely delivered thanks to large stock. Shop for ceiling lights today!

  • Downlights

    Most frequently used lighting fixtures in modern architectural lighting. Absinthe downlights are minimalistic and classy with ultrafine lighting performances!

  • Pendant Lights

    Elegant fixtures hanging down from the ceiling providing direct light downwards. Perfect to illuminate the table top. All at low prices and with a 2 year warranty!

  • Wall Lights

    Dull and empty looking interior? Fix it today with the Absinthe wall lights. Apply subtle lighting effects to your walls to change the overall appearance of your interior!

Indoor Lighting

Absinthe Indoor Lighting

Absinthe offers you numerous solutions for all your lighting applications. The Absinthe indoor lighting is created keeping in mind several factors. We want to bring architectural and design indoor lighting at competitive prices. Usually design and architectural lighting costs an extreme amount of money but this is not the case with the indoor lighting from Absinthe. Quality indoor lighting at sharp prices is exactly what you will find in the Absinthe offer.
Our indoor lighting is divided into smaller subcategories. The categories are wall lights, ceiling lights, pendant lights and downlights.

Lighting and places for different purposes

Before choosing your indoor lighting fixtures, you should determine every room’s purpose. The amount of lighting that is required depends on the activities that will take place in the concerning room. It goes without saying that you need more lighting for reading and writing than for chilling and relaxing on the couch. Pendant lights are for example best to be placed in central places, for instance above a table. Wall lights are suited well for ambient lighting but they can provide general lighting as well. The indoor lighting must enable doing all activities without experiencing irritation or disturbance of the lighting fixtures. Keep in mind shadow generation which can influence the impression of the room in a good or a bad way. Furthermore there is a difference between direct and indirect lighting. Placing too much direct lighting on eye height can be experienced as irritating.

Every room needs sufficient illumination

Every room should at least contain sufficient basic illumination that can be turned on close to the entrance, this is of course because of safety measures. Other local indoor lighting fixtures could be needed to complement the basic lighting. This could be for reading, writing and cooking purposes. These types of lighting are functional. Next to these there is accent lighting to put a certain object in the spotlight or decorative lighting meant to generate ambient lighting effects instead of really lighting up a place.

Buy indoor lighting

With the indoor lighting of Absinthe you will be able to fill your house with brilliant lighting fixtures for all applications. Whether it is for basic lighting, ambient lighting, decorative lighting,… Buying indoor lighting or just gathering inspiration for your future home are two things you need to be with Absinthe for!