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  • Path Lights

    Upright lighting fixtures consisting of a pole with finest LED light sources on top. Beautify and provide safety to your pathways with the sustainable Absinthe path lights!

  • Spotlights

    Versatile LED spotlights to convert your flowerbeds into true beauties. Ultra clear and focused light beams thanks to the finest LED chips. 2 years warranty!

  • Underground Lights

    Also called floor uplighting. Able to endure walking over and cold outside weather conditions. Absinthe LED underground lights for accent or orientation lighting. With minor heat emission.

  • Underwater Lights

    The finishing touch to play out your swimming pool's or pond's full potential. Extremely long lasting and sealed perfectly!

  • Wall Lights

    Refurnish your garden, terrace and porches with the Absinthe LED wall lights. Upgrade the overall appearance of your house. Quality fixtures at sharp prices!

Outdoor LED Lighting

Absinthe Outdoor LED Lighting

For many people their garden is as important as their home interior. And they are right! Your garden deserves attention. It can make your house more attractive as a whole. A big outside terrace and a garden with magnificent flowers and plants is good but if you really want to create a masterful garden, you should provide it with proper lighting. LED lighting is resistant to cold and lasts significantly longer than other light sources. This is why placing LED lighting outside is ideal. Accent garden pathways, trees, terraces, flowers, etc. to enjoy your garden, even at night.

LED Lighting, ideal outdoor light source

Because of the fact that LEDs last longer and don’t have to be replaced frequently, it is perfect to place outdoor LED lighting on places that are difficult to get to. Highlighting the most important parts of your garden with the Absinthe outdoor LED lighting really adds to the beauty of your house. These important parts can be pathways, trees, flowers, etc.

Because of the fact that LED lasts for a long period of time, it does not need to be replaced frequently. This makes them ideal for places which are hard to reach.  Since the outdoor lighting fixtures have to endure the sometimes harsh weather conditions, they need to be sealed perfectly.

Safety +1

Lighting up pathways will not only make your pathway look more beautiful, it will also increase the safety of your garden. So sufficient outdoor LED lighting can prevent accidents. To light up your pathways we can recommend our Absinthe path lights. These are poles with the light source on top. Underground spots (recessed uplights) can be used for the same purpose as well or they can work complementary with pathlights.  

Variety of outdoor LED lighting fixtures

Our outdoor LED lighting range also contains LED wall lights, underground lights, underwater lights, path lights and spotlights. We created all of these lighting fixtures with a lot of attention to bad weather and humidity resistance. Thereby premature defects are avoided. Turn your garden in a masterpiece of light and shadows with the Absinthe outdoor LED lighting!