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  • Downlights

    Subtle lighting points above your porches or terraces. Downlights are the supreme modern lighting fixture.

  • Path Lights

    Accompany your pathways with a set of stylish Absinthe path lights to give your home a welcoming impression and to ensure safe passages. 2 years warranty and fast & safe delivery!

  • Wall Lights

    Light up the surroundings of your home with high quality Absinthe wall lights. Unique tight and modern designs at very sharp prices!

Outdoor Lighting

Absinthe Outdoor Lighting

Do you want to put your house a little more in the spotlights or just looking for proper illumination for your approaching visitors? Then certainly take a look at the Absinthe outdoor lighting. Absinthe offers outdoor lighting for all possible applications. Our outdoor product range contains wall lights, downlights and path lights. Whether it is for accenting a certain artifact or plant, or for providing safety lighting at night, Absinthe has got what you need. Simply browse to our outdoor lights using the available filters and you will definitely find what you are looking for.

Our path lights are beautiful next to garden pathways or flowerbeds. They provide both lighting and decorative value to your garden. Even without lighting up, they offer orientation in your garden.

As important as indoor lights

In our opinion taking care of outdoor lighting is as important as indoor lighting. They both improve the beauty of your home and will complement each other if chosen and placed wisely. Go through the Absinthe outdoor lighting fixtures using the available filters to get to the products you want in your porch, terrace or wall.