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Ceiling Lights

Absinthe Outdoor Ceiling Lights

Outdoor ceiling lights are usually used in entrances porches, carports, covered terraces, etc. The Absinthe ceiling lights you can find here, are ones that can endure the outdoor cold and humidity without any trouble. Anyway ceiling lights are thanks to their position already better protected against rain and wind, still the Absinthe ceiling lights is perfectly fitted against this.

Ceiling lights are functional

Ceiling lights are in most cases functional. Their purpose is to provide the necessary general lighting on important areas around your house. Thanks to the fact that they are installed on the ceiling, they can efficiently supply basic lighting. One single centrally placed ceiling light can provide equally distributed lighting to a considerably big space.

Absinthe Bulck, Gong and Plot ceiling lights

In the Absinthe ceiling lights range you can find among others the Absinthe Bulck, the Absinthe Gong and the Absinthe Plot. These three fixtures are all suited for both placement against the wall and against the ceiling. Next to the fact that they are equipped with different fittings (E14, E27, q24q-3) they have different shapes. The Bulck ceiling light has a round shape, the Gong ceiling light a rounded rectangular shape and the Plot a square shape. All three fixtures have a matte light diffuser which provides soft and diffuse light.

Ordering ceiling lights at Absinthe is beneficial and a 100% safe. With the Absinthe ceiling lights you add stylish and practical lighting around your home. Let your mind be blown!